Friday, February 24, 2012

I Dream of Spring

Well, I received some bad news today.  I have a herniated disk - L5S1 - in my back and that is what has been causing all of this pain.  I will be referred to a specialist to determine the course of treatment and I am pretty down.  Chronic pain is not fun.  I am soooo over it!  The only thing keeping me going at this point are the signs of spring all around!

Did you receive the new Southern Living this week?  I got mine today and it cheered me right up.  I'm dreaming of hosting a tea party like the one featured on page 112 (if my memory serves me correctly).  I could eat all of those foods everyday and never grow tired of them.  I'm tempted to invite some of my neighbors over for a girlie gathering this spring.  That is if I can get this back pain under control...  Last year at this time I had a few soirees going, a February baby shower with a bird theme for my sister-in-law out of town, March bunco with my Bunco Babes and an owl-themed baby shower for my sister in April. It's no wonder I am getting a little stir crazy and wanting to entertain! Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure...

First a few taken around the house as things began to bloom...
(and before the great drought of 2011 hit and zapped everything)

 A fabulous pool coming soon at the bottom of those steps!  
That bouganvilla eventually got repotted and grew to be e.nor.mous.

 One of my girls walking up from the pond.

 Geraniums on the front porch.

 These are some sort of petunia that I just fell in love with at the growers.

I bought this furniture last March after much shopping and I love it. I am in the process of re-imagining my back porch though.  It needs some wind protection, privacy and just needs to be dressed up a little architecturally.

And now the shower...
 Henry the owl's cake.

 I made that cute diaper cake!  I also made one for the shower that we hosted for my sister-in-law last February along with some flower arrangements made from wash cloths and bibs.  I can be crafty when I want to be but it doesn't happen often!

 My other sister-in-law made these.  Adorbs!

 Fresh flowers and a bookish owl. 

Sweet Henry is now 8 months old and the most precious thing.  That was a fun day!

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