Friday, September 30, 2011

It's a start!

It is still hot in these parts but I *think* we may be leaving the triple digits behind so I'm calling it fall!  After a quick visit to the east coast and experiencing some cooler and rainier temps, I was ready to come home and bust out the pumpkins!  I never did much fall decorating before we moved into this house and this is our second year here.  I collected a few things last year so it was nice to be able just just get out my bins and start decorating.  

Pretty ceramic pumpkins and gourds in the dining room.

 I keep this greenery on my island year round but my mother-in-law gave me that metal planter a few weeks ago so I plopped the plants in it and added a rust mum in the middle.  Those candlesticks were on my mantle but I swapped them with the wooden pair that I usually keep on the island.
 A glass leaf my mom just gave me.
 I don't think I purchased a single thing on this table.  It was either won at Bunco or given to me by my mom or mom in law. 
And finally the mantle! 

 Still tweaking and adding and working on the outside.  I may even buy some mums this weekend!