Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Front Porch - Lanterns: Before and After

 This was my front porch last October.  This picture was taken in the morning so it looks a little washed out but it was pretty sad back then.  I ended up having to re-select all of my exterior lights/lanterns because of a defect with the finish.  We went through 2 sets on our driveway posts that turned from dark bronze to white in a matter of months. 
 Last year I didn't have much furniture on my front porch and it was a beautiful fall and I hated not having somewhere to really sit and enjoy it. 
 These plastic chairs were all that I had for seating.  Pretty sad, right??  All in due time...
 I reselected my lanterns a few months ago.  I was really limited with my options because I had to use the same company and I was really trying to stay away from any sort of layered finish that wouldn't hold up.  I like these so much better than what I had!  They almost look black but they are actually bronze.  I'm hoping that if they do fade, they will at least read more brown and not go to white like the ones before.  My painter said that he could coat them in polyuerethane to seal the finish.  I've never heard of that before and if that's the case, why wouldn't the manufacturer seal them when they are made?!?!  They are going outside and should hold up better to the elements.  Time will tell with these. (Also, my pumpkins are uneven.  One got sent to school with my 2nd grader yesterday!)
 Now I have two wicker rocking chairs on this side.  Still could use some more plants and color over here.  That's a spring project!  I had to return two of my ferns that died (love Lowe's return policy!) so it looks a bit bare.
 I would love a rug over here to punch up the color.  Another spring project.  Those tan cushions reverse to a red/green stripe that will look great with my Christmas decor.  I found all of that furniture at Big Lots.  I never even think to go in there but I saw it in a commercial on tv last April, fell in love, and drove my hubby's pickup right over and bought it and brought it home.  I've had that little fountain for several years.  I put a fresh coat of paint on it this year.  It kind of blends into the rock though.  Maybe next year I should put a darker color on it so it contrasts a little, what do you think?
A view across the porch to the other side.
A plant shot.  Those ferns seem to like it on this side.  They have lasted through the crazy hot summer we had.  That green plant in the pot is a yellow gerbera daisy with no blooms at the moment.  I got those green/yellow houndstooth pillows at Lowe's for $2.50 ea on clearance!  I need to find a print in some darker fall colors to punch it up a little.

So that's my front porch - then, now and ever evolving!

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